Designer: UI / UX / Systems
Eric Lobdell

Bay area designer passionate about problem solving, exploring, and building consumer-facing products. Currently designing a new typeface, hand-lettering, and collecting vinyl. I've poured my heart into many startups and worked at a handful of great companies: Google, MLB, Opera, 3M, and currently Mixpanel You can find more of my work on Dribbble.

If you've got an exciting challenge, and you'd like to work together, let's talk!

  • 07.16
    A friendly sans-serif typeface that's unusually expressive.
  • 02.16
    Automated Dev environment setup and team collaboration tools.
    Koding, Inc.
  • 04.15
    Game discovery and community for gamers and developers.
  • 11.14
    Accounts for your kids: to help manage device usage & activities online.
  • 09.14
    Mobile life-counter app for Magic The Gathering.
  • 05.14
    The user experience of connected devices with new-tech.
  • 12.13
    UX exploration for connecting people across Google's social platform.
  • 04.13
    Reserve tables, purchase bottles, and split the check.
    Adasim, Inc.
  • 02.13
    A fantasy-baseball game featured during the World Series.
  • 10.12
    Gather all of your photos & videos from across the web in one place.
  • 09.12
    Quantified self for your more interesting activities in bed.
    Ardenturous Labs
  • 02.12
    Aviation checklists for small-plane pilots.
    Aircheck Aviation
  • 08.11
    Exploring the considerations of bringing mobile in the physical space.
    Aficionado, LLC